Ex-T-ara member Hwayoung expressed regret in regards to Eunjung’s withdrawal from her role in new drama “Five Fingers.”

On August 28, Hwayoung posted a message on her personal Twitter that stated, “After reading the news that Eunjung unnie was withdrawn from her role in her drama, I did not feel good about it. After the nasty rounds of rumors about me being excluded from the group went around, the reality of the deteriorated situation was painful. I was truly hurt from the distortion of the truth.”

Hwayoung also added, “But since we did have our good times together I want to forget about everything bad that happened, and wish that we can cheer each other on. Please give T-ara a lot of love and caring attention. I apologize for causing our fans to worry because of the recent happenings.”

This was the first thing Hwayoung had expressed in nearly a month. The last thing Hwayoung had stated was “Please stop this” on July 31 to netizens who were creating uproar over speculations that Hwayoung was being treated as an outcast. Her most recent post shows a feeling of guilt and remorse for Eunjung’s withdrawal from SBS drama “Five Fingers.”

Last month, Hwayoung was withdrawn from T-ara breaking her contract with Core Contents Media after being involved in what seemed like a heated dispute between her and the other members. Her sudden withdrawal from the team caused netizens to believe that she was ostracized by the other members, putting T-ara promotions and activities on hold.

As of now T-ara members are only taking part in individual activities. News of Eungjung’s withdrawal from the drama has continued to create upset.