Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi was spotted posing with the JYP Entertainment family. Earlier today, a photo titled “Wonder Girls’ Sunmi’s Recent Photo” was uploaded on various online communities, drawing netizens’ interest.

In the photo, Sunmi posed with 2PM’s Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung, and Taecyeon, along with JYPE’s choreography team. Her wine red hair, porcelain skin, and small face attracted fans’ attention. It’s been said that despite no set plans for a comeback, Sunmi had been diligently practicing her singing and dancing skills. Netizens commented, “Sunmi is still so pretty,” “I hope to see her reunite with the Wonder Girls soon,” “It’s great to see her still close with the JYP family,” “It’s nice seeing her,” and more.

Meanwhile, back in 2010, Sunmi announced her departure from the Wonder Girls in order to pursue her academic career. She currently attends Dong Kook University as a theater major.