Hi Soompiers!

Soompi got the chance to meet and interview the cutest rookie group out there, A-PRINCE! The five boys, who are currently promoting their second mini album “Mambo,” took time to answer our questions. Woobin, Minhyuk, Siyoon, Seungjun, and Sungwon told us what concepts they want to go for in the future, what quality they envy in other members, which countries they’d like to visit, and their ideal types! And of course, we couldn’t let them leave without asking them to dance the “Mambo!”

A bonus for our customers: We also recorded the boys also signing copies for the A-PRINCE autographed CD special the other week!

Check out this cute interview now and find out more about A-PRINCE! Don’t forget to turn on the captions for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles!