To promote the release of the Korean movie “A Werewolf Boy” (늑대소년) on DVD, Soompi is running a giveaway starting August 13. We will be giving away two Region 1 DVD’s a day for 12 days to our lucky fans!

‘The charming Song Joong Ki stars as the “wolf boy” that is domesticated by Park Bo Young’s character, Suni. Rising to stardom through the madly popular TV series “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Song continues to gain nationwide fame with his current TV drama, “Nice Guy.” The simultaneous success in dramas and film dubs him the King of all screens, big and small. In “A Werewolf Boy,” he unveils yet another side as the fiercely loyal and utterly endearing “wolf boy,” Chul-soo. Don’t forget to bring tissues as his phenomenal performance will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings.’ – CJ Entertainment

So how do you enter? It’s easy! Follow these three simple steps:

1) Promote on Twitter:

a) Follow @Soompi on Twitter.

b) Tweet:

“I want to win a DVD of A Werewolf Boy from @soompi! #SOOMPIAWerewolfBoy #SongJoongKi #kmovie”

2) Leave a comment on this article about why you want to see the movie, or why you love it if you’ve already seen it. Be sure to include your Twitter username.

We’ll be announcing the winners in this article throughout the duration of the contest, so check back to see if you have been picked! Good luck everyone!

Check out Soompi’s review of “A Werewolf Boy”:

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Day 1:  @charlettee & @omgitzlinaa

Day 2:  @hachiWow & @superlyobsessed 

Day 3:  @ragulto101 & @ChromaticView 

Day 4: @misamikomikumiu & @GoAarte

Day 5: @plug1headphone & @sarangsandra

Day 6: @ImperfectIrma & @blue_yadi 

Day 7: @kaylathaosm & @julieysong

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Day 9: @epik_kiana & @Jennifuryy

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Day 11: @AigyLee & @MrsKWoo

Day 12: @SHINeeFOREVER91 & @amyweird