Earlier this month, Soompi had a chance to meet with Dynamic Duo for an exclusive interview! The legendary hip-hop group touched on a variety of subjects, including their family, growth as musicians, future of Korean hip-hop music, and their future goals, making our interview such an enjoyable experience.

In case you’re not familiar with Dynamic Duo, they are one of the early pioneers of Korean hip-hop music, having released countless hit singles, including “Ring My Bell,” “Go Back,” “Good Love,” “Guilty,” and “Insomnia.” Comprised of Choiza and Gaeko, Dynamic Duo first debuted in 2004. Before Dynamic Duo, the two members made their names known as part of CB Mass, a three-member rap group that was formed in 1999. They are also part of the “Movement,” a Korean hip-hop crew, which includes some of the best Korean rappers, such as Tiger JK, Epik High, Tasha, and Dok2, among many others.

Without further ado, here’s our exclusive interview with Dynamic Duo!