From August 10th to 19th, 30,000 visitors rushed to see SM Entertainment’s “S.M.ART Exhibition in Seoul.” The idol powerhouse has proved its power as a brand to the international markets as half of visitors came from outside the country to see the exhibition. During these ten days, visitors have been able to appreciate premium contents from SM Entertainment, as well as new advanced IT technologies.

Among the most popular exhibit was the 3D hologram that allowed spectators to see SHINee‘s hit songs “Sherlock” and “Hello” as if they were in front of them. There was also a 13 meter tall tree-shaped screen in the middle of the exhibition hall that showed some of the popular music videos of its affiliated aritsts. Another exhibit allowed visitors to experience what it would feel like dancing with their favourite group simply by looking at a screen. The effect was created by merging a real time video with a pre-recorded video of the artists dancing. For those who felt uncomfortable dancing, they could pose  in front of their favorite group’s enlarged album jacket or with human-sized standees of the artists. Fans were also very captivated by the virtual welcome stage where SM artists were walking on a red carpet while interacting with spectators and by a wall dedicated to SM artists’ hand prints. They also had the occasion to see some very unique items in the “Rare Items” gallery, such as stage outfits, accessories and also no less than 1,000 polaroid pictures portraying all the artists. Finally, art amators could appreciate numerous fan arts exposed in the “Fan Museum.”

Artists themselves regularly visited the exhibition and gave visitors an occasion to meet them in person. On the last day, the exhibition, in collaboration with Gana Art, rewarded up-and-coming artists for their artworks inspired by SM artists. Yuri from Girls’ Generation was present to personally hand out the awards to the winners.

The S.M.ART Exhibition’s next stop is scheduled for April 2013 in  Taiwan, starting its “S.M.ART Exhibition World Tour.” It is said that the exhibition will also stop in Japan, China, America and Europe in the future.

Check out our exclusive pictures and video to get an insight of this unique exhibition and see Yuri there!