Soompi recently scored an in-depth video interview with Far East Movement in their headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.  Watch as Kev Nish, Prohgress, and J-Splif discuss a wide range of topics, including their recent tour with Lady Gaga in Japan, being signed to Interscope Records, what it means to be an “international secret agent”, and the personal statements they make with their awesome fashion styles. They also share their thoughts on the power of the Internet (and KevJumba), their appreciation of our Top Ten Greatest Asian American Rappers list, the importance of Korean barbecue, and who they would be if they were in a boy band.  Definitely check out their shout-outs to Soompi at the beginning and end!

Watch the first and second parts of the FM video interview here:


Check out FM’s official website and some of their videos on Soompi!

Interview done by David Fung of Make It in the Motherland, follow him on Twitter @davidbfung