Soompi sat down for an exclusive interview with Korean American rapper/producer Kero One in San Francisco. 

Watch as Kero talks about a number of topics including: the effect of the internet, his world tour with Epik High, being his own producer, his advice to aspiring artists wanting to start a record label, convincing parents to support, his journey from a corporate job to music, working with Epik High, why he browses YouTube for talent, his show on May 30th with Jay Park, his new album Kinetic and his single Asian Kids.  Check out for the Soompi shout-out at the beginning and end!

He will be performing in concert with MYK, Dumbfoundead, and DOK2 this weekend in Atlanta on May 28th, SF on the 29th, and also in a special concert with Jay Park in Seattle on the 30th.  Tickets are available at Ticketmaster!  Check here for the links:

Atlanta tickets

SF tickets

Seattle tickets