Soompi recently scored a video interview with Korean American rapper Shin-B in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.  Watch as Shin-B discusses a wide range of topics, including what it’s like to be the “double whammy” of being Asian American and female in the world of hip-hop, her experiences on entering the mainstream Korean music scene (as the “back dancer with the few nonsensical English lines”), and her upcoming album, titled “Three Choices”, because “we all have three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it our all”.  She also shares her thoughts on the Asian and Asian American pop culture scenes today, including the international success of Korean artists like Rain and the Wonder Girls, the state of Asian rap today, and Tyrese’s new reality show about Koreatown.  Definitely check out her shout-out to Soompi at 8:50, and watch as Shin-B raps a verse from her new album!

Watch the Shin-B video interview here:

“Three Choices” comes out September 11.  In the meantime, check out a mix of two upcoming singles, titled “Get Up And Go + Wanna Battle”.


Check out Shin-B’s official MySpace page!