On April 13, EXID appeared as a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” and talked about the tremendous support and love they receive from their fans.

LE commented on the group’s international activities and said, “We haven’t had many chances to meet our international fans yet. Although we don’t have any concrete plans at the moment, we are looking forward to new chances to meet fans from all over the world.” She also showed her amazement towards international fans. “Our international fans know the lyrics to ‘Up and Down’ and often sing along to us when we perform,” she said.

To this, Junghwa added, “It’s not only ‘Up and Down.’ Our fans sing along to many of our other songs.  I am intrigued that they know the Korean lyrics.”

EXID recently made a comeback with their new track, “Night Rather Than Day.”

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