EXID recently sat down for an interview where they talked about their promotions, fans, and the seven-year idol group jinx.

The group first talked about their latest comeback with “Lady,” saying that they had no regrets, as they had thoroughly enjoyed performing the song during promotions. They also expressed their happiness regarding their retro concept. LE commented, “I’m satisfied. Whether it was singing the song or wearing the clothes, it was a lot of fun. The clothes [from our previous performances] were all skinny jeans or things we could wear normally, but this time, we got to wear things we could only wear on stage.” Hani added, “It was a different vibe from our previous performances, so it was a new experience.”

EXID were then asked to describe in one phrase what their fans meant to them. Hani answered, “I always say they protect my self-esteem,” while Hyerin said, “an air pump that inflates a flat bike tire.” Jeonghwa then added, “It’s a bit strange to call them our creditors, but I always want to pay back the love our fans give us,” and LE replied, “They’re like food, something that we can’t live without, and something that gives us strength and gets us excited.”

When asked about the secret to having a lot of female fans, LE suggested it’s because they have the image of a female friend that people want to be friends with at school, and Hani added that the fans like their personalities.

The members then talked about the seven-year jinx among idol groups. Hyerin commented, “I think seven-year groups usually go on one of two paths. They either continue to promote individually and as a group because their group was a good foundation, or their individual capabilities grow so their group gets smaller. It’s regretful because the latter is more common. We know that we shine brighter when we’re together. We’re currently thinking about [our future].”

Hani also shared her thoughts, saying, “I think [halted group promotions] occur due to elements outside of the team and members. The seven-year jinx comes to a lot of groups, but I think all the members and those around them have to work hard to protect the team. To be honest, because we rested for so long before ‘Up and Down,’ it doesn’t feel like we’re a seven-year group. There’s so much we haven’t done, and there’s so much we still want to do.”

The members talked about how their goals are to promote as five members again and to hold a concert. LE promised that the group will come back with Solji with a better album, and Hyerin hoped they would be invited to perform at a lot of events. Hani talked about how they had been asked a lot in interviews whether they are scared about the changes to EXID, and how she wasn’t scared because of their fans’ constant support. Jeonghwa said she is thankful that although they had tried a different concept this time and came out as four members, people had given their comeback lots of love.

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