A change of members took place for the rookie girl group, EXID. They were originally a six-member team and they have been reorganized as a five-member team. On April 30, EXID’s agency, AB Entertainment said, “Three of the original members, Yoo Ji, Da Mi and Hae Ryung have left and there will be an addition of two new members.”

AB Entertainment continued to say, “Yoo Ji and Da Mi left due to academic conflicts and Hae Ryung has left to pursue an acting career.” Finally, they said, “After the addition of the two new members, EXID is getting ready to work on a new album so please continue to give your interest to them.”

The remaining original members, Ha Ni, Jung Hwa and LE will be joined by two new members to make a five-member group. EXID will be releasing a new album this coming June and start their activities once again.

EXID first gained attention for being Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group. They debuted in February with “Whoz That Girl.”