The members of EXID recently sat down for an interview to discuss their latest comeback with “Night Rather Than Day.”

During the interview, Hani picked “Night Rather Than Day” as the track she cherished the most out of all their songs so far.

Hyerin then revealed, “We’ve never been obsessed with [music chart] rankings before. As long as we have fun while doing what we do, we believe that we’ll eventually be rewarded. We just want to enjoy our time with promoting.”

The members also discussed what they each hoped to earn from promoting “Night Rather Than Day.” Junghwa expressed that she wanted to show off an image that suited her age, and Hyerin wished to hear from people that her live performances have become much more stable. LE then shared that she wanted to appear as an artist, and Hani hoped that the group would be able to develop a nice musical sound.

Meanwhile, you can check out the music video for their track “Night Rather Than Day” here!

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