EXID demonstrated their close bonds once more, expressing their love for member Solji.

Ahead of their mini album release, the members of EXID communicated with their fans through V Live on April 9.

“Do you think Solji would be watching us right now?” the members asked each other. “She’s technologically challenged so she’ll probably end up watching this later,” they jokingly dissed, revealing her nickname to be “Heo-nalogue”, meaning old-fashioned.

The members then updated fans on Solji’s health. LE stated, “Solji is currently getting plenty of rest to recover her health.” Hyerin added, “We sometimes get together to catch up and grab dinner. Solji is obsessed with memes these days so she keeps trying to have conversations with us using memes. We don’t get why she’s like that.”

The members then revealed that Solji recently showed up to their music video set with a box of pizza. “Solji always tells us she’s sorry. We want to have a successful round of promotions this time so we can proudly return with all five members next time. We want her to stop feeling apologetic,” said Hani.

Junghwa continued, “Solji frequently monitors us. Her encouragement gives us a lot of strength, so the four of us are really thankful towards her. We can’t wait to come back with all five members.”

EXID will drop their third mini album “Eclipse” on April 10 with their title track “Night Rather than Day.”

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