The bond between the EXID members is just too sweet!

EXID recently made a guest appearance on the November 29 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.”

Solji reassured listeners and fans that she is much better and just needs to maintain her current state of health. She also expressed her gratitude, saying, “Many people worried¬†for me. I am thankful and apologetic towards LEGGOs [EXID fans]. I felt overwhelmed with emotions now that I could finally be together with everyone.”

Kim Shin Young commented, “I heard that Hani suggested that the members should split their income equally even while Solji was on hiatus.”

Affirming how they divided their income, Hani explained, “I wasn’t the only one to have that opinion. It was something all the other members were thinking. That’s why we split our income evenly when Solji was on hiatus.” She added, “Recently, we get paid individually.”

They also discussed LE’s tenure as temporary leader while Solji was on hiatus. The rapper shared, “When I was temporary leader, Hyelin was the one who didn’t listen very well. If I was trying to wrap up a conversation, she would say something completely different in a louder voice.”

“I did that to make things fun,” Hyelin replied. “I listen well these days.” LE playfully teased back, “Nope. You’re no fun.”

EXID recently made a full-group comeback with their latest single “I Love You.” Check out their music video here!

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