EXID held a comeback showcase for their new track “Lady” on April 2.

“Lady” is a New Jack Swing song with the 90s vibe that is full of funky rhythms. The lyrics are about asking a cold lover to hold off the breakup until tomorrow.

When asked about people’s reactions to the new song, Hani replied, “Solji supported us more than anyone. Solji is really intuitive. ‘Up and Down’ and ‘DDD’ are all songs that she said would do well, so we always ask her what she thinks before releasing a song.”

Hani continued, “Solji was the first person to listen to ‘Lady’ and she said she had a good feeling about it. I’m looking forward to it because she said it would be successful.”

According to the members, Solji is still in recovery after undergoing orbital decompression surgery in January. It was previously announced that she will not be joining EXID’s comeback in April.

“She’s recovering after a successful surgery,” LE said. “She’s gotten much better. I think she’ll be able to join us for the next album. I think she’ll regain her full health and be with us after getting enough rest.”

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Top photo credit : Xsportsnews