KBS will be launching a new variety show, and the first guest to appear in it is EXID‘s Hani with her younger brother.

One representative of Hani’s agency stated, “The production team of the variety show went to Hani’s brother and asked [permission]. He is still serving in the military but he will use his vacation time to appear on the show.”

The show is called “We Are Siblings” (working title), and will be focused on the relationships that stars have with their siblings as they  spend 48 hours together. During those hours, siblings will have to complete different missions that they are given.

kbs variety show

There are a bunch of family-centered variety shows these days that receive lots of love, but this will be the first show to focus on sibling relationships. This project is especially anticipated since it will feature celebrities’ brothers, who never really received the spotlight before.

Meanwhile, this new variety show is most likely to air around July.

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