EXID’s Hani found herself in an awkward situation and had a hilariously real reaction as she tried to find a solution to the problem.

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Secretly Greatly,” EXID’s LE, Junghwa, and Hyerin join forces for a secret camera plot on Hani. For the sake of the prank, Hani was told that she would be appearing on a variety show to promote EXID’s new album. Hani’s mission on the show was to disguise herself as a waitress and help two strangers on a blind date by having them take a picture while making a heart. During the process, the man accidentally knocks off his wig, leaving Hani in absolute shock.

The first photo from the filming shows Hani with a very surprised expression after she witnesses the man lose his wig. According to the producers of the show, Hani had a very big reaction to the awkward situation and immediately covered the eyes of the woman on the blind date so that she would not see the man without his wig. Throughout the whole process, she frantically kept muttering, “Oh my,” as she also helped the man recover and put on his wig.  Later on, Hani expressed her sorrow for the man and his embarrassing situation on such an important day.

The producers of the show commented on Hani’s hilarious and genuine reaction, urging viewers to see it for themselves on the upcoming episode of “Secretly Greatly” airing on April 16.

Meanwhile, watch the latest episode of “Secretly Greatly” on Viki!

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