Previously on the April 16 episode of “Secretly, Greatly,” EXID’s Hani frantically tried to help a man fix his wig on a blind date, unaware that she was being subjected to a hidden camera scenario.

It turns out that the situation was just one part of the elaborate hidden camera prank that EXID and the show’s cast had prepared for Hani. In preparing for this episode, EXID explained that Hani had excellent problem-solving skills and a strong sense of responsibility, and they wished for others to see that side of her as well.

With that in mind, “Secretly, Greatly” arranged for Hani and EXID to appear on a fake web-variety show, in which they would each complete different missions for different amounts of money, for a total of 10 million won (approximately $8,803). Hani was told that they would then give the amount they earned as scholarship to a student in need if they all succeeded in their individual missions. For the purpose of the prank, Hani was told she would be going last, and she was given the full amount—cash—in an envelope while all the missions took place.

As Hani succeeded in the last mission, the hidden camera prank reached its climax. The scholarship money Hani was supposed to deliver was discovered missing, but the recipient was already on their way to the location. At this point, Hani showed her calmness under pressure. Hani suggested that they at least prepare a certificate for the scholarship amount to use instead while making the delivery. She even came up with an idea that would have exposed the entire prank, as she suggested playing-back what was recorded on camera—since she believed they were there to film a real variety show.

Ultimately, as she concluded that there was not enough time to check the cameras and search for the money before the recipient arrived, Hani took the lead and pulled out her personal cards, suggesting that the EXID members could make withdrawals to replace the missing money for now. Her kindness and generosity, as well as her problem-solving skills, touched everyone. In the end, Hani’s friend and “Secretly, Greatly” cast member, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed the truth to her.

Watch all of the hilarity in the latest episode of “Secretly, Greatly” on Viki below!

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