EXID’s Hani was more than happy to show her love and support for Oh My Girl’s Arin!

On April 2, LE, Hani, Junghwa, and Hyerin of EXID held a showcase for their new title track “Lady.” During the event, Hani was asked how she felt about promoting alongside Oh My Girl as she is well-known to be a fan of member Arin.

Hani began by stating, “Our fans kept saying that this is an unexpected victory for me. I think they were referring to the fact that our promotions overlap with Arin’s,” and “As a fan of her, I’m so happy that we both get to meet each other at music shows with great songs. I’m excited to engage in a friendly competition with her as her fan. I hope both EXID and Oh My Girl enjoy good results with our releases.”

She also shared that she had been keeping up with Arin’s teasers leading up to Oh My Girl’s release and said, “I saw her teasers and she looked so pretty. I hope she stays healthy and happy throughout this comeback.” Finally, she ended with a video message full of affection for Arin as she said, “I will always wish for Arin to live a happy life. I support her as an unnie fan. Arin, good luck. Let’s go out to eat snacks together one day.”

Don’t forget to check out EXID’s “Lady” and Oh My Girl special unit BANHANA’s “Banana Allergy Monkey,” both of which were released on April 2.

Good luck to both groups!

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