EXID’s Hani spoke more about the time she had to take a hiatus due to her health.

During EXID’s showcase for their third mini album “Eclipse” on April 10, she was asked, “You took a hiatus in the past due to your health. Are you all right now?”

She answered with a laugh, “For me, I had some issues on the inside.” She had revealed at the time that she had come down with enteritis and fatigue, and took some time off from work.

However, fortunately, she continued, “Now, I feel really good on the inside. I’m very healthy.” She added, “I am planning on working hard and staying healthy, thanks to the concern and love from so many people. I’ll try to stay healthy from now on, too.”

Meanwhile, EXID released their third mini album “Eclipse” on April 10 and will be promoting with their title song “Night Rather Than Day.”

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