Rookie girl group EXID‘s youngest member Jung Hwa recently revealed her before and after makeup selcas.

On August 28, Jung Hwa posted two pictures on EXID’s official Twitter – one of her in full makeup and one without any makeup.

In her makeup-less photo, Jung Hwa looks young and innocent. In her full makeup photo, Jung Hwa looks fierce and sexy with her smokey eyeliner. Regardless of having makeup on or not, Jung Hwa displayed her exceptional beauty as well as her cute and bright charms.

Netizens and fans especially fawned over Jung Hwa’s flawless white skin in her no makeup photo, praising her adorable and girly image. They commented: “She has the air of a high school girl,” “Clear skin! So jealous,” “I think she looks prettier without makeup,” and more.

Meanwhile, EXID is actively promoting their mini album title track, “I Feel Good.”