Junghwa of EXID will soon be taking the lead female role in the MBC Every 1 webtoon drama “Webtoon Hero – Tundra Show” (working title). This will be her first time acting in a drama!

There have been reports that she will be playing the role of a single mother, which led some netizens to wonder if it wouldn’t be burdensome for an idol to play such a part.

EXID’s agency Yedang Entertainment addressed the issue on June 14 by saying, “The character will be taking care of a child in her family, so it might not be right to call her a single mother.”

“We still haven’t seen a completed script,” they explain. “We’re in talks with the production team about the specifics of the role, so it’s definitely possible that there will be changes made.”

The show is slated to be released this July.

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