A video clip of rookie girl group EXID’s main vocal, Yooji, covering a song by pop star Beyonce, has been revealed.

On March 14, Yooji’s cover of Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” was posted on AB Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and her explosive singing skills were revealed.

It is said that Yooji was previously known at her college campus as the “Seoul Arts University’s Beyonce” due to her exceptional singing skills and her similar looks to the world pop star.

Eyes were especially drawn at Yooji’s beauty despite her casual clothing and her makeup-less face. Netizens remarked, “This is the best Beyonce cover that I ever heard,” “Yooji’s voice is very attractive,” and other positive comments.

Meanwhile, EXID is actively promoting their debut track, “Whoz That Girl.

Check out Yooji’s cover below: