A former manager of a B-class actress revealed that he met a broker that deals with “sponsors” who offer financial benefits to female celebrities for sexual favors in return.

In a report by TV Report, the manager identified as “L” said, “Aside from the Open World Entertainment scandal, there is a professional broker that only deals with sexual services. When I used to work for a B-class actress, I was offered nearly $300K USD for six months of service (by the actress). The basic arrangement is to go one or two times a month as a ‘one night service’ whenever the ‘sponsor’ calls. The first payment of $150K USD would be paid during the first meeting, with the rest coming on the last day of the six-month service.”

He continued, “I’m not sure how he found my number. He just introduced himself as a secretary of someone, but it didn’t sound so. So I just went to meet him to see who it was, but the guy showed up in a Mercedes Benz. He was wearing a luxury watch and designer dress shoes, and gave me an offer. He was basically offering about $60,000 to $70,000 USD a month, and if you come from a small company, it’s really an attractive deal. But I rejected the offer by telling him, ‘I’m going to work in this industry for a long time. Are you going to guarantee my life?’”

“The broker even gave us the exact model of the car he was going to send us. He said, ‘Once the deal gets finalized, a Mercedes Benz E320 will be delivered to your company the next day. If the deal works out well for the first six months, he said a premium would be added and the deal could get extended to a year. And after a year, he promised he could get us multiple TV commercial spots,” the ex-manager said, indicating the possibility of a chaebol conglomerate being involved in the whole story.

“It sounded like he only dealt with actresses that were popular. But a Mercedes Benz is a gift you could receive from an actress that makes it big. So it didn’t make sense to ‘give up’ an actress like a ‘prostitute,’ for a mere Benz. This isn’t really related to the Open World Entertainment scandal, but actresses are always exposed to this type of danger. The problem is people who want to ‘buy’ actresses need to disappear. For an actress, the best thing is to be recognized for her acting ability.”