In a recent live stream, EXO‘s Baekhyun had the cutest reaction ever to a fan. He was snacking on a popsicle after a filling mukbang of creamy tteokbokki (rice cakes). He had a hearty meal of rosé (tomato cream sauce with a spicy kick) tteokbokki, various fried fritters, odeng tang (fishcake soup) and rice balls.

A fan playfully asked him for “just one bite” of the Bing Bing Bar.

| @_bbhbh_/Twitter

Baekhyun went, “One bite? Okay” and proceeded to put the entire thing in his mouth…

| @_bbhbh_/Twitter

… before proffering it to the fan.

| @_bbhbh_/Twitter

Baekhyun then explained that in the past, whenever he asked his friend for a bite of their food, they’d always do the same.

| @_bbhbh_/Twitter

When you don’t want to share, coating it with your saliva is a handy trick! Catch his reaction in video form below.