EXO Baekhyun‘s first solo album has achieved incredible sales even before its official release.


When preorders for Baekhyun’s first ever solo album, “City Lights”, opened up for preorder on June 20, they immediately jumped to the number one spot on multiple preorder sites. While fans knew a rough estimation for how many albums Baekhyun sold on the sites, they didn’t have an exact number until now!

baek 3


On July 9, it was reported that, as of July 8, Baekhyun’s “City Lights” album had a recorded sale of 401,545 copies. And that was just from preorders!

baek 2


Additionally, “City Lights” also earned triple gold status on China’s QQ Music with 41,667 digital albums sold on the platform!


Baekhyun’s album is set to drop on July 10 with Baekhyun gearing up to meet fans during the showcase at SAC Art Hall to celebrate the release! Congratulations Baekhyun, we can’t wait for the album to drop!