EXO‘s Baekhyun‘s title track “Bambi” from his solo album Amusement Park has been in the works longer than we thought!


Fans have rediscovered a video clip from SuperM‘s tvN variety show As We Wish. The show focused on the members marking items off their bucket list.

Baekhyun (left ) and Kai (right) |  tvN

Baekhyun and Kai work at a carwash because Baekhyun once said he would like to learn how to wash a car in episode 2. In the resurfaced clip, they are sitting inside a car cleaning out the trash during the episode when suddenly Baekhyun begins vocalizing.

Baekhyun’s vocalizing heard in the clip reminded fans of part of his song “Bambi.” Did he unintentionally reveal a spoiler without any of us realizing it until now? It also makes us wonder just how long has he been working on the song! If we base it on the release of the episode, it would be sometime in the fall of 2020.

Check out the full clip from the episode below:

Watch the music video for “Bambi” below: