Back in April on an episode of SM C&C‘s Sim For You, the EXO members visited Xiumin‘s home and showed him some love with some housewarming gifts like microwavable rice and a fruit basket. But one of the gifts has recently resurfaced and is making netizens freak out!


When Xiumin welcomed the members into his house he received two gifts from Baekhyun. The first was a package of toilet paper, a common housewarming party gift…

baekhyun tissue


And the second was a candle.

xiumin candle 1


While the candle didn’t get much attention at the time, it’s now getting a ton of attention thanks to the release of a conversation between Xiumin and Baekhyun about the gift.

xiumin candle 2

Baekhyun: Hyung! What do you want as a housewarming present?

Xiumin: A scented candle! Please help me choose a good scent~

Baekhyun: Then I’ll buy the scent that’s like your cologne!


Wanting to know more about the sweet gift, EXO-Ls put on their detective caps and found out exactly what kind of candle it was. When the discovery was made, everyone was blown away not only by the fact that the candle reportedly weighed a whopping 2.1 kg (4.6 pounds)…

xiumin candle


But also because it cost 697,000 KRW (approximately $590 USD)!

candle gift


Pretty soon everyone was talking about the candle and freaking out over its massive size and hefty price tag.

reaction 1

reaction 2


Even Baekhyun, in the past, mentioned being surprised at how expensive the candle was!


But even if everyone’s jaw is still on the floor because of the candle, they’re also melting over Baekhyun’s thoughtful gift to his hyung!

reaction 3