EXO‘s Sehun recently live-streamed with Chanyeol and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko at a restaurant after having a little too much to drink.

As soon as they turned on their broadcast, a bunch of empty bottles of soju could be seen on the table.

And when Chanyeol noticed the camera, he exclaimed, “Cheers!” and clinked glasses with the audience.

Chanyeol also notified fans of his upcoming collaboration with Sehun and Gaeko in the coming summer.

We’re preparing some new music so that we can have a happy summer with our fans.

– Chanyeol

Chanyeol appeared to be tipsy, but his adorable way of speaking only intensified the fans’ excitement for the broadcast.

But when one fan expressed their worry by commenting, “Please don’t broadcast when you’re drunk“, Chanyeol offered his take on it.

Think about it. Don’t you prefer a more drunk and free broadcast than the really conventional ones that you’re used to?

– Chanyeol

Some of the other fans’ reactions include “This makes me want to drink with them so badly“, “They’re so good at drinking“, and “I wish I was there with them“.

Check out the full clip below: