While one of EXO‘s Kai‘s female backup dancers for his “Mmmh” promotions gained attention for her stunning visuals, another has grabbed attention for a similar reason.

In a group photo of all the backup dancers, it caused confusion from fans attempting to figure out if SHINee‘s Taemin had disguised himself among them.

shinee taemin @kpop_sbs
| @kpop_sbs/Twitter

On the right side of Kai, there was someone smiling with their hat pulled low enough to cover their eyes. From the smile alone, many were convinced that it was Taemin.

exo kai backup dancers haley_s0ng ig
| haley_s0ng/Instagram

Since Kai and Taemin are best friends, some even thought he had put on a wig to blend in with the dancers.

exo kai backup dancer @thealicexol
| @thealicexol/Twitter

After all, there was a time where Taemin had long hair in a similar color.

shinee taemin long hair

Despite all the amusing theories and how much they looked like Taemin, the person in the photo was truly Kai’s backup dancer. The pretty dancer appeared in a performance for “Reason”, wearing the exact same outfit—minus the hat.

Not only are Kai’s backup dancers talented, but their visuals are just as eye-catching. Did you think she was Taemin too?