EXO‘s Lay recently launched an attack against fans thanks to his sculpted body and it’s almost too much for our poor hearts to take!


Lay recently released a series of selcas ranging from cute puppy interactions…

lay puppy


To photoshoot ready ones!

yixing selca


But before he started releasing his selca series, Lay dropped one other post that has been leaving fans absolutely speechless!

lay weibo


Lay’s late night gym excursion may seem simple at first…

yixing 1


But the reflection in the window shows Lay’s toned physique in all its glory!



Although Lay has revealed his toned physique in the past, absolutely nobody was ready for Lay to expose his rock hard abs like this and unsurprisingly, the ab reveal has been leaving fans feeling completely and utterly attacked.


And we’re right there too! A little warning next time would be much appreciated because we don’t think our hearts can handle it!