EXO is making history with their newest album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”!

The group released their fifth studio album on November 2 and as of November 1, the album has sold 1,179,997 copies. EXO was able to sell over 1.1 million copies in just ten days, earning them the title of quintuple million sellers. Every studio album EXO has released since their first album “XOXO” has sold over one million copies.

Not only this, but EXO has now sold more than 10 million albums in Korea. The total number of albums sold in Korea from their five studio albums, two mini albums, winter special albums, and live albums comes to a total of 10,000,205 copies.

EXO is the first group that made their debut after 2000 to sell over 10 million albums in Korea. Not only this, but their latest album has been topping music charts from around the world, topping the iTunes Top Albums charts in 47 countries, the United World Chart, and Xiami Music’s overall charts. EXO has also topped various album sales charts and earned music show wins with their new album.

Congratulations to EXO on the amazing achievements!

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