EXO‘s Xiumin was spotted at a promotional event for the military musical, titled “The Promise Of The Day”. But no one was ready for his visuals!

xiumin exo military 2019 1


Xiumin stood stern as the host introduced their musical and he looked more masculine than before – perhaps from all of his military training!

exo xiumin 2019 army 4


But as soon as he took the mic to sing, he was right back to the talented Xiumin we all know and love!

exo xiumin 2019 army 2


As the event progressed, Xiumin began to let go of his military demeanor and become the baby mochi EXO-Ls love!

exo xiumin 2019 army 5


Although he’s become leaner and more defined through his training, his cuteness still shined through in the photos!

exo xiumin 2019 army 3


Fans couldn’t get over his new recent visuals as they claimed he looked better and yet still the same!


Xiumin is predicted to be discharged from the military in December 2020.

exo xiumin 2019 army 1