Rookie group EXO-K’s member Kai has been featured in a recent pictorial.

Kai has been featured in the April issue of “Vogue Girl” and “GQ” magazine, modelling for Calvin Klein Jeans. Despite the fact that Kai is a rookie singer who hasn’t even had his official debut performance yet, he is earning much popularity due to his exceptional musical abilities and his good looks.

Kai has posed for several photos with natural poses and strong eyes in order to highlight his stylish fashion. He is sporting simple but trendy pieces of clothing that accentuates his masculine, boyish charms. Netizens’ eyes were especially drawn to Kai’s masculine body line that is slightly revealed in between his shirts.

Meanwhile, EXO-K has recently released their second prologue single, “History,” which is further heightening anticipation for their official debut stage.

Check out the photo spread featuring Kai below: