On the set of the movie “Pure Love” at Jeom An Elementary School in Jeolla-do province, actors Kim So HyunYeon Jun Seok, and EXO‘s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo) held a small public talk and touched upon the subject of first love.

The movie “Pure Love” is a story about innocent and pure young love that begins in a rural area, but D.O. revealed that his own experience of first love was quite the opposite. He said that it was not exactly very bright and pure compared to other people’s experience of their first relationships. The idol-turned-movie actor confessed, “(My first love) is more gloomy than bright and cutesy. After it ended, I was always gloomy. My memories of my first love weren’t that good.”

Directed by Lee Eun Hee, “Pure Love” will open in theaters in the first half of next year.

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