In a recent interview, EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) opened up about how he feels about being an “idol actor,” and how much he loves the craft.

When carefully asked if he’s ever felt dejected by the fact that people have preconceptions about his acting even before watching any of his projects since he’s an idol, D.O. shook his head no.

“Truthfully, trying to be both a singer and an actor at the same time is really not an easy task. You really need a lot of care and sensibility as well as flexibility in terms of time for a career like acting, where you have to fully immerse yourself with the maximum extent of your emotions and senses,” the EXO member explained. “I think it’s possible that at times, I might not be able to perform perfectly for either profession as I pursue both while being pressed for time. Because of this, it’s understandable that unsatisfied viewers could judge that ‘it’s because [D.O.] is an idol actor,’…it’s correct to say that I’m an idol actor, and I think it’s guaranteed that people associate these preconceptions with me because I’m still working as a singer right now as well.”

D.O. continued, “However, I want to give it my all from where I am and completely succeed in both fields while not being affected by those preconceived notions. I believe that there’s nothing I can do other than quietly do my best and not get caught up in different kinds of comments. I also like to think that on one hand, those prejudiced and negative comments are a form of interest in actor Do Kyung Soo, so I’m thankful.”

Sharing how he starts every new production with the mindset that he’s just beginning, D.O. added, “I’m still an actor who’s lacking in many ways, and I believe that I still have to study and experience a lot more. This is why I think that the most important thing is to always try my best. I think that preconceptions and judgement [about how I am an idol actor] will naturally disappear if I continue to put forth my best efforts.”

The singer-actor also expressed how he doesn’t have any definite goals at the moment in terms of acting, saying, “I’m really happy when I act…Rather than trying to achieve something great by acting, I’m just happy at the fact that I can pursue acting in and of itself. That’s actually why I feel helpless and don’t know how to answer when asked if I have any particular intentions or goals that I want to achieve while acting.”

“If I have to name something, I would say that I want to become an actor people can relate to,” D.O. added. Explaining that he believes that relatability is the most important thing when acting, he said that he would be satisfied if people enjoyed his acting and felt like they could understand his character. The EXO member concluded, “I will work even harder from now on in order to become someone [like that].”

Following the recent release of film “Room Number 7,” D.O.’s subsequent project “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” will premiere on December 20. He is also currently filming “Swing Kids,” a cinema production set for release sometime next year.

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