Football fans and K-Pop fans surprisingly have a lot in common.


For one thing, both fandoms are incredibly passionate about the talent and performance of their favorite celebrities.

football fans

And another similarity is that both fandoms now love EXO.

Fans can thank football aficionado Kai for that.

exo kai

In an interview with W Korea, Kai had to answer 56 questions. But one question, in particular, drew an enthusiastic response from Kai.

When asked to choose between “Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi,” Kai immediately exclaimed “Messi!”

With the passion of a K-Pop stan, Kai made it clear that he is a huge fan of Messi. He even drew the laughter of the staff with his fervorous response.

Don’t even ask me! My answer has always been Messi ever since I made my debut! It was Messi from the first place!

With this response, Kai created a storm on social media, with many football fans now affirming their love for EXO and K-Pop.

After watching Kai’s response, some football fans have even reversed their dislike of K-Pop!

kpop football fans

football kpop fans

And some football fans are now defending K-Pop from online haters.


And Kai achieved this impact with only one interview answer!

So don’t ever underestimate Kai and his ability to convert anyone into a K-Pop fan.