On December 17, EXO’s Lay attended the press conference for “Idol Producer” at the Sheraton Hotel in Hebei province, where he discussed his upcoming MC and “national producer” representative role.

Lay revealed his thoughts on joining the show, sharing, “I don’t feel pressured about taking the role of a representative producer. I think I will also be able to learn a lot from the survival process.” He went on to explain how his role involves more than just emceeing, and how “producers” will need to actively participate in decisions about things like the music and the overall concept.

“I want to redefine the word ‘trainee.’ I hope to showcase the efforts of aspiring trainees before they debut. I want to share our experience. The final members will be chosen not by us, but the audience,” he emphasized. “Trainees will need to work hard, have passion, and enjoy the process. These are the three most important virtues.”

Lay also praised the crew, saying, “The production team is very hard-working and exceptional. They have a great sense of responsibility as well.”

“Idol Producer” is an upcoming program that will be produced and broadcasted by China’s video streaming platform iQiyi. The program will select nine members for debut by recruiting 100 trainees from Chinese and foreign entertainment companies. The nine final contestants will be voted by the public.

“Idol Producer” will also star GOT7’s Jackson as a rap mentor, as well as Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao and PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung as dance mentors.

The show will premiere on January 19, 2018.

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