EXO’s Lay has taken legal action against malicious and defamatory comments about himself as well as his family.

On May 14, the Beijing Xingquan Law Firm, representing the singer and his personal studio, posted a statement calling for a cease and desist and detailing some of the malicious comments as well as death threats that he and his family have received.

“There have continuously been insults and slander posted online directed towards Zhang Yixing [Lay’s real name] and his family,” Lay’s legal representatives explained through the statement, and strongly asserted that they do not tolerate cyberbullying.

They also announced that lawsuits had already been filed earlier in February 2018 against a few specific individuals who had been continuously slandering Lay, and their cases were currently under trial at the Haidian District People’s Court in Beijing.

The law firm stated, “[We] the lawyers are taking action in accordance with the law on behalf of Zhang Yixing. There will be no forgiveness shown.”

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