On May 3, a press conference was held for the upcoming MBN drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman.”

EXO’s Suho, Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk, and Kim Ye Won were present along with the director Min Doo Shik.

On his lead role in the drama, Suho commented, “It’s my first time starring in a full-length miniseries drama, and of course it’s also my first leading role. I feel pressure and responsibility.”

He continued, “I recently made my musical debut, and because I met the audience close-up and interacted with them, I felt that a connection can be made if I do something sincerely. I may appear very lacking to some, but I have approached this drama while working to act and interact with sincerity, so please give lots of attention and love.”

“Rich Man, Poor Woman” is a remake of a Japanese drama about a genius CEO with prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces) and an optimistic young woman with an extraordinary memory. The drama is set to premiere on May 9 at 11 p.m. KST via MBN and Dramax and will also be available on Viki.

Check out a trailer below:

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Top photo credit: Xportsnews