Not only is G-Dragon incredibly good looking, a rapper, a singer, a song writer, and a producer, but he is now also a respected fashionista! We all knew that G-Dragon was heavily involved with his love of fashion, but a new poll has shown that he is officially an influence in the fashion world.

2011’s most influential stars were ranked by a panel of 32 fashion experts which included designers and stylists. G-Dragon was the number one ranked male celebrity of choice and was overall the number three ranking influential fashion icon.

About his style it was said, “Whenever he tries any new fashion items, the next day they’re already being sold in Dongdaemun (clothing retailer).“

So there you have it ladies an gentlemen, not only can we claim G-Dragon is an ultimate fashionista, there is now reason to look at him as someone who can directly affect the fashion world. No wonder he endorses so much clothing!