Just 15 days after its release, the comedy movie “Extreme Job” surpassed 10 million moviegoers!

On February 6, “Extreme Job” exceeded 10 million viewers at 12:25 p.m. and once again showed spectacular box office power.

“Extreme Job” has joined the ranks of movies that have reached 10 million viewers in Korea. Among the list are other famous movies, such as “The Admiral,” ” Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds,” and “Ode to My Father.” With the inclusion of five foreign films, such as “Avatar” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” it is the 23rd movie to reach 10 million viewers.

On top of that, “Extreme Job” has become the first comedy film in six years to reach 10 million moviegoers. CJ Entertainment now has six movies that surpassed 10 million moviegoers.

“Extreme Job” gained popularity at a rapid rate. On January 25, it passed 1 million moviegoers, and it has already reached halfway to 10 million viewers before the Lunar New Year holiday started, with 4 million viewers by the eighth day and 5 million viewers by the tenth day. In addition, the film also established new records for the largest number of moviegoers in a day in January with 995,133 viewers on January 26 and 1,032,769 on January 27.

From February 2 to February 6 during the Lunar New Year holidays, the movie attracted more than 1 million viewers every day.

Director Lee Byung Hun shared, “I am in a daze. I am happy to laugh with the staff and actors who worked hard together. Above all, I thank the audience.”

Ryu Seung Ryong, Jin Sun Kyu, Lee Dong Hwi, and Gong Myung also celebrated on CJ Entertainment’s Instagram page by wearing ribbons and banners with huge smiles on their faces. Ryu Seung Ryong’s banner reads,”Thank you” while Jin Sun Kyu’s says, “There has never been such an audience before!” Lee Dong Hwi’s banner says, “‘Extreme Job’ surpassed 10 million,” and Gong Myung holds up a banner that reads, “Please laugh more in 2019!”

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