CJ E&M is finally altering its contracts for those who appeared on Mnet’s girl group audition program “Produce 101.”

Previously, the terms of trainees’ contracts revealed that trainees received no monetary compensation for their appearance on the show and had no power to object to any injustices they may have suffered in the process.

The Fair Trade Commission stated on April 25, that CJ E&M needed to rectify 12 terms and unfair conditions in their contracts with the trainees.

As previously revealed, the contracts for the trainees appearing on “Produce 101” included terms prohibiting them from filing any civil or criminal lawsuits against the company for any harmful editing on the show.

Furthermore, any original work by the girls, including song arrangements as well as choreography, would become the exclusive property of CJ E&M and the trainees themselves would have no legal rights to their own work. CJ E&M would also not be required to offer the girls compensation for what they themselves had created.

A representative of the Fair Trade Commission commented that they have instructed for changes to be made to certain contract terms including the removal of the condition prohibiting trainees from objecting to unnatural and harmful editing as well as the acknowledgement of legal rights for trainees’ original work, in the case of any newly created song arrangements or choreography.

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On April 26, Mnet published an official press release in which they state, “We have already taken the initiative on our own to correct the contracts of those who appeared on ‘Produce 101.’” They clarify, “We have informed the Fair Trade Commission.”

Mnet adds, “In the future, contracts for those who appear on Mnet and CJ E&M’s television shows will follow the Fair Trade Commission’s guidelines.”

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