On July 9, Yeongdeungpo Police Station reported, “Producing director Kim Jong Hak has been faced with a lawsuit for not paying the cast members along with embezzlement. Since the investigation is taking some time, he has been banned from traveling abroad.”

Kim Jong Hak was working on a new Chinese drama when he was summoned back to Korea by the police for investigation and is currently unable to leave the country.

Last year, Kim Jong Hak was in charge of directing the 10 billion won (about 10 million USD) SBS drama “Faith.” He was accused in February 2013 for the suspicion of mishandling the funds and for not paying the actors and staff.

Even though he’s well known as the mastermind behind “Eyes of Dawn,” Sandglass,” and “The Legend,” among others, he’s not able to escape the lawsuits coming his way.  Last year, he was faced with a lawsuit for signing duplicate ownership contracts for the OST of “Faith.”

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