Upcoming time-bending drama “Faith” released behind-the-scene photos of Lee Min Ho, who plays Choi Young, a charismatic and skilled Goryeo warrior who is also very naïve and simple-hearted.

In the scene, Choi Young was walking on a frozen lake, when the ice cracked and plunged him into the icy water. Instead of floating to the top, he’s dragged deeper and deeper into the lake. The underwater scene took half a day to film, and in order for a perfect take, Lee Min Ho had several reherseal shoots. It’s been said that despite the difficult nature of the shoot, he showed no signs of dread or fatigue. Once the shoot was over, he received a round of applause from everyone at the set.

Lee Min Ho stated, “It was a scene where I was able to express Choi Yong’s emotions and feelings, that’s why I was looking forward to it. I didn’t really have submerge myself because I was wearing a 7kg (15.4lb) armor. I was able to complete this shoot safe and sound because of all the staff.”

Meanwhile, “Faith” is another time-warping, historical fusion drama where a plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun, mysteriously meets a strange man dressed as a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty, played by Lee Min Ho, claiming that he’s here to take her “back.” The series marks Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical drama) since his debut and Kim Hee Sun’s return to the small screen in six years.

“Faith” will premiere on August 13 at 9:55PM KST on SBS.