Park Chul Woo and Shin Hye In revealed their wedding picture.

The men’s professional volleyball Samsung team’s Park Chul Woo (26) and  women’s professional basketball player Shin Hye In (26) are getting married in Samsung electronics multipurpose hall, on the fifth floor, located in Seocho-dong, in Seoul. Their wedding date is September 3rd at 11AM.

The Park and Shin couple are famous because Park is the representative of the volleyball team, and Shin is famous for her beautiful ulzzang face. They met coincidentally through Shin’s father, who is the Samsung Volleyball team’s coach.

Park then met Shin at Hyundae Capital, and their sports-tastic romance began to bloom.

The couple is planning on leaving to Indonesia’s Bali for their honeymoon, and return to Yongin, Gyeonggi-do to prepare their new house.