After the massive fame Song Joong Ki obtained after featuring on Descendants Of The Sun, a K-Beauty company created the famous “Song Joong Ki mask packs” that sold like wildfire.

The mask packs were a limited edition that was only produced for a year; however, these face packs were still available to purchase in various online and offline markets even 2 years later.

song joong ki face mask 1
Naver Shopping listed multiple vendors selling these face masks.

Investigative reports revealed that the manufacturer who helped produce the original face masks forged fake documents in order to secretly mass-produce the same packaging. They then created fake masks that had no effective ingredients whatsoever for a fraction of the original price and sold it to multiple vendors as originals.

Not only were these face masks sold in Korea, but they were also exported out to multiple South East Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam.

song joong ki face mask fake

10 people were arrested for fraud and “tainting the reputation of K-Beauty”. All of the remaining “Song Joong Ki Face Masks” were called to be taken off the shelf from every vendor.

song joong ki face mask 2