In celebration of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s 23rd birthday, fans published a newspaper ad with a special message to their favorite idol singer. The message mixed song titles of Taeyeon’s single tracks, making it extra special for the fans.

The message reads, “’If’ you weren’t born, we never would have met. Because of you who shines ‘Like a Star,’ we can always smile and be happy. ‘Can You Hear Me?’ Our precious feelings for you and the appreciation that can’t be expressed in words. We won’t be able to tell you with a simple ‘I Love You.’ But your smiles and tears are always living in our hearts. That is exactly what we call, ‘It’s Love.’ March 9 is Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s 23rd birthday. We celebrate Taeyeon, the girl that puts her heart into her voice. Let’s remain as fans and a singer that won’t feel embarrassed about each other^^.”

Taeyeon was born on March 9, 1989, making her 23 years old. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is scheduled to perform at the “K Collection in Seoul” on March 11 in Seoul.

Happy birthday Taeyeon!