A fan was caught taking a hidden camera into a GFRIEND fan sign event, causing huge controversy.

On March 31, GFRIEND had a fan sign event in Seoul. While the girls were in very good moods, the atmosphere suddenly cooled when some of the members noticed that a fan was wearing glasses with a small, hidden camera on it.

It appears that Yuju noticed the camera first but didn’t comment on it besides possibly leaning over to her bandmate Sowon to inform her of her suspicions. She also appears to have told SinB. Yerin was the next person to notice, and she asked the fan to take his glasses off. After examining the glasses, she notices a small camera on the glasses. After the fan left, Yerin looked uneasy as she told the manager that the fan was using a hidden camera.

The incident became controversial, as these tiny cameras have been part of a growing body of crime in Korea where men have been caught filming women inappropriately and unknowingly. Fans pointed out that taking video or photos was not prohibited at this particular event, so there was no reason whatsoever for the fan using such devices without the members’ consent.

About this, GFRIEND’s agency Source Music responded, “The fan in question was caught on scene and was asked to leave with a warning. We confiscated the glasses with the hidden camera. From now on, the particular fan will not be allowed to attend any more fan sign events.”

Watch the entire exchange taken by another fan below.

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